Home Organization

It’s time to control the chaos when it takes you an hour to find your keys or when you’ve carved out a path to walk from room to room or you had to tear up your entire closet just to find that favorite little black dress. Most everyone wishes to be organized but finds it overwhelmingly difficult to get the process started. Together, with the guidance and assistance of Home Makeovers by Melinda, we’ll turn your clutter into a functional and productive place. We’ll review the daily challenges you face, set up an effective system and set goals to assure your space will always stay organized.

Becoming organized will empower you. It will improve your quality of life. You’ll have less stress with greater productivity. Once we’ve simplified your space, you’ll have a well ordered garage or attic, closet or pantry, kid’s playroom or home office. In addition to organization, Home Makeovers by Melinda will also document your valuable possessions for insurance purposes. Many don’t realize the importance of tracking their belongings until something disastrous or unfortunate happens.

Price depends on size and condition of home. Click for more information.