Interior Design/ReDesign

You’ve committed to stay in your house a few more years but you’re not sure how your family will survive the stale space and boring lifeless decor you call home. If your place has lost its luster, Home Makeovers by Melinda will breathe new life into the space by freshening a room or the entire house through redesign. We’ll identify the problem areas then reuse, recycle and rearrange your furnishings, rugs, wall hangings and accessories to create harmony in the layout, proportions and colors. Unlike home staging where the focus is pleasing the masses, your home will be designed to reflect you and your family’s personality and lifestyle.

If you are ready to go on a shopping spree and invest in a room or home transformation don’t make a mistake buying the wrong color, size or style and regretting it. Home Makeovers by Melinda is dedicated to helping you achieve the beautiful results you’ve envisioned. We will build a successful design plan that includes your budget and timeline for the project and we will share our list of dependable and reliable contactors. So if your lack of confidence doesn’t allow you to pick out the perfect shaped sofa or your busy schedule doesn’t allow you to spend an afternoon searching for the perfect coordinating fabric or paint color then allow Home Makeovers by Melinda to translate your spirit and character into reality. When you decide on a redesign or interior design project, you’re sure to fall in love with the results of the home makeover.

Price depends on size and condition of home. Click for more information.